Sports Writing, March 5. Charlie Enright’s American IMOCA ’11Th Hours’ broke the 24-hour world distance record shortly after midnight after covering 544.63 nautical miles (1,009 km) on day seven of The Ocean Race’s third leg -Team Tour of the World-

The official homologated record for the IMOCA class is 539.71 nautical miles (1,001 km) set by Alex Thomson with ‘Hugo Boss’ (the current Guyot-Team Europe) on January 16, 2017 during the Vendée Globe -Tour of the Solo World.

Even so, the greatest distance sailed is held by ‘Charal 2’ DE Franck Cammas with 558 nautical miles (1034 km), achieved on December 6, 2022 but not yet ratified by the World Speed ​​Sailing Record Council.

Records aside, Kevin Escoffier’s ‘Holcim’ continues to lead the fleet, even if in recent hours, with a northerly wind of 15-18 knots (28 to 34 km/h), it has veered to the South-East , sailing at around 22 knots (42 km/h) 1,200 km north of the Kerguelen Islands and yielded a few miles to her pursuers, further to the south-west.

500 miles (900 km) behind him, the ‘Biotherm’, the ’11Th. Hours’ and the ‘Malizia’ are still on the upper edge of the ice exclusion zone (45º South), which will soon drop to 49º South. They are now sailing in an East-North-East course at 18-19 knots (34 to 36 km/h) under a South-West wind.

On the other hand, at 07:30 GMT, Benjamin Dutreux’s “Guyot-Team Europe” was already moored at the V&A Waterfront quay in Cape Town, where it arrived late at night.

The shore team will now remove the mast and haul the boat out of the water so that its designers and technicians can properly assess the damage and begin repairs to the hull structure. 1:15 p.m.)

Distance to goal.1. Holcim-PRB (SUI) Kevin Escoffier 10,748 nm (19,916 Km) Distance to leader.2. Biotherm (FRA) Paul Meilhat at 507 nm.3. 11th hour (USA) Charlie Enright 510.4. Malizia (GER) Boris Herrmann 563.5. Guyot (FRA/GER) Benjamin Dutreux in Cape Town




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