Elections in Aguascalientes 2021: these are the public officials to be elected

Elections in Aguascalientes 2021: These are the Public Officials to be Elected

Elections in Mexico: Aguascalientes

In the state of Aguascalientes 38 positions will be chosen, among them councils and municipalities, but they will not be the only ones.

More than a million hydrocalids within the electoral roll will be able to vote for 17 delegations with a relative majority, 11 municipal presidencies and 86 regiduras. 12 syndicates and 9 proportional representation councils will also be renewed.

This is the largest elections in history in Mexico, with thousands of public officials, including federal legislators and 15 governors.

“Mexico is going towards the most complex and largest elections in history, never have so many public officials been elected as will happen in 2021,” established the president of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova.

It is also an electoral period complicated by the pandemic of the COVID-19, which requires sanitary measures and strict surveillance by the INE to avoid partisan use of social support and the vaccination campaign.

“The INE is ready to organize the largest and most complex elections in history on June 6, when 300 delegations with a relative majority and 200 with proportional representation will be elected at the federal level, as well as 15 governorships, 30 local congresses, in addition to town halls, regidurías, syndicates and municipal boards ”, established the citizen organ.

“In the Electoral Process 2020-2021, 92.4 million citizens will be able to exercise their right to vote to elect the people who will occupy more than 21,000 popularly elected positions that will be renewed throughout the country,” he added.

Throughout the national territory, 163,244 polls will be installed that will require the participation of more than 1.4 million citizens and the hiring of almost 7,000 Supervisors Electoral and 41,000 Electoral Trainers.

Faced with the challenge represented by the 2020-2021 electoral process, To date, the INE has registered a total of 379,842 applicants through its local and district boards a Supervisors and Election Trainers.

The INE approved criteria and guidelines “to guarantee equity in the electoral contest, and promoted the creation of the National Registry of Persons Sanctioned in Matters of Political Violence Against Women on Gender Reason ”.

With these decisions, the parties will have to postulate at least seven women as candidates in some of the 15 governorships at stake. Furthermore, no candidate who appears in the aforementioned national registry, that is, who has committed gender violence or political gender violence, may be elected to any position.

The publication was made in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) In order to regulate the dissemination of propaganda that is carried out or disseminated to obtain pre-candidacies or candidacies, the interference of external factors that break with the electoral contest will be avoided.

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The INE determined that for this electoral exercise, Any applicant will be prohibited from carrying out, disseminating, purchasing, acquiring, using or benefiting from any type of propaganda or advertising message in which a political position is promoted.

In addition, it established ten different means of communication to be able to carry out propaganda and advertising messages, among which the radio, television, cinemas and printed media stand out.

The declaration of emergency due to coronavirus caused several changes and decision-making in various agencies of Mexico, such is the case of the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) who announced new alternatives to process the voter’s credential and around the next elections.

Through a message that was disseminated on the networks, the INE clarified that those who need to renew their plastics in order to vote will be able to do so during the first days of the second month of 2021.

“Remember that if you want to renew your credential you can complete the process until February 10,” he explained.

In this sense, citizens will not be able to appear at the service modules to carry out any procedure after the aforementioned date. The operation of the centers will open after the electoral process.

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