El Salvador.- El Salvador inaugurates its first consulate in Seville to serve more than 8,000 local Salvadorans

El Salvador inaugurates its first consulate in Seville to serve more than 8,000 local Salvadorans

The Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, together with the Chancellor of El Salvador, Alexandra Hill, have participated in the inauguration of the first Consulate of El Salvador in Seville, which is located on Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo and will allow closer relations with the country Central American. It is the ninth country to open its consulate in the city in addition to the United States consular agency.

The opening of this Consulate in Seville is an opportunity for the more than 8,000 people from El Salvador who live in the surroundings of the city. In addition, service will be provided to residents throughout the autonomous community of Andalusia, Extremadura, Portugal and the Canary Islands. In this way, all this population will no longer have to travel to Madrid to carry out any face-to-face management.

With this new headquarters, relations between Seville and El Salvador are strengthened, in which progress has already been made with the twinning agreement between Seville and its capital, San Salvador, which began in 2017 with the visit to Seville of its then mayor, Nayib Bukele, currently President of the Government of the Central American country. This twinning was signed a year later, in 2018, during the II Local Government Forum.

With this opening, the consular representation based in the city of Seville increases. Until now, Seville had the headquarters of the consulates of Bolivia, Portugal, Portugal, Peru, Romania, Colombia, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, in addition to the consular agency of the United States. Now, the new Consulate of El Salvador is added.

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