Quito, 24 Feb. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) asked this Friday the president of the country, the conservative Guillermo Lasso, to resign from office because of the alleged “inability” to govern and solve the serious problems facing the nation is confronted.

This is one of the resolutions of Conaie, which held an expanded Council of its organizational structures in Quito, where it also asked the National Assembly (Parliament) to initiate a political censorship trial against the president.

The largest social organization in the country has called on trade unions and other popular sectors to support the day of mobilizations on March 8, for International Women’s Day and in support of the demonstrations in Peru.

“We demand that the President of the Republic of Ecuador, Mr. Guillermo Lasso, for the dignity of our country, for his inability to govern and solve the most sincere problems of Ecuadorians, present his resignation to the country and step down “, declared the president of Conaie, Leonidas Iza, in a press release after the nomination of his movement.

He also recalled the accusations that have arisen in recent days concerning alleged networks of corruption in public companies that have affected a circle close to President Lasso, including his brother-in-law Danilo Carrera.

For this reason, Conaie asked the National Assembly, which hears these cases, as well as the Constitutional Court, to apply legal mechanisms allowing a political trial of censorship against the leader.

Iza added that the indigenous movement, which also represents the second political force in the country, will remain vigilant as to the possible intention of the executive to apply a mechanism known as “cross death”, by which the Parliament ceases , the president exercises his functions through executive decrees, and the elections are brought forward.

“We will not allow him to dissolve the functions of the state”, but if that happens, Conaie and other social organizations will call for “a national uprising and a strike” of the people throughout the country, he said. he warned.

The leader of Conaie assured that the Ecuadorian people feel mocked by President Lasso who, according to him, has not respected several agreements to which he has committed in a process of dialogue with the popular sectors.

He recalled that last June, after more than two weeks of social protests against the high cost of living and the government’s economic policy – led by the indigenous movement – the executive joined a dialogue process sponsored by the Church, in which several commitments had been accepted by the authorities.

However, “there was no political will on the part of the national government to comply” and, on the contrary, it “continued to advance with its neoliberal policies” which sparked the protests in June of the year last, assured Iza.

For this reason, he indicated that Conaie has decided to break “this dialogue process” and to withdraw from the so-called “monitoring tables” of the agreements, because the Government “has not respected” its commitments.

“We declare ourselves in permanent mobilization and gathering” and “radicalize the struggle in the territories” of the communities, in defense of the historical demands of the peoples for water, land, decent employment, health, education and defense of the territories of the original peoples.

He denounced the militarization and repression by law enforcement in an area of ​​the southern Andean province of Loja, known as Cerro Urco, where indigenous groups are trying to prevent a mining company to set up a camp with the support of police and military on this territory.

Iza also declared Conaie’s solidarity with the Peruvian people and summoned its bases for next March 8 to support the national mobilization which will be concentrated in Quito, for Women’s Day, but also to support indigenous organizations and social groups in Peru, which have been in resistance for more than 70 days against the government of Dina Boluarte.

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