Some businesses have had to use the emergency supply to continue serving the public (EFE)

In the midst of the intense heat wave that has affected the region for several days, more than 100 thousand users of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) were without electricity this Monday, according to official data provided by the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE).

Although the case of the Monte Castro district of Buenos Aires, whose inhabitants have been without supply for almost two weeks, was recently known, several districts of the city, as well as the suburbs, are affected by the cuts, whether they are scheduled as unforeseen. .

In this sense, only in the territory operated by Edesur there are a total of 99,725 customers without service, the majority of which belong to the cities of Buenos Aires de Lavallol, Lomas de Zamora and Zona Rural (in the district of Lomas de Zamora); Ezeiza (Ezeiza); Monte Grande and Luis Guillón (Esteban Echeverría); San Francisco Solano and Quilmes Este (Quilmes); Avellaneda, South Dock, Gerli and Sarandí (Avellaneda); Adrogué, San José and Burzaco (Almirante Brown) and Lanús Este, Lanús Oeste, Monte Chingolo and Remedios de Escalada (Lanús).

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Failures were also recorded in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires Almagro, Barracas, Boedo, Caballito, Flores, Floresta, La Boca, Monserrat, Nueva Pompeya, Parque Chacabuco, Parque Patricios, San Telmo, Villa Crespo, Villa del Parque, Villa Devoto , Villa Lugano , Villa Real Villa Riachuelo, Villa Soldati and, to a greater extent, Mataderos, Villa Devoto, Balvanera, Parque Avellaneda, Recoleta, San Cristóbal and Villa Luro.

Different neighborhoods and cities of Buenos Aires have been affected (Franco Fafasuli)
Different neighborhoods and cities of Buenos Aires have been affected (Franco Fafasuli)

As it concerns Edenor, a total of 3,290 users were deprived of electricity due to medium or low voltage service interruptions, in the cities of Fátima, La Lonja, Luis Lagomarsino, Presidente Derqui, Villa Rosa, Manuel Alberti, Manzanares and Pilar ( Pillar); St. Michael (Saint Michael); Lomas del Palomar, Caseros, Ciudadela and Santos Lugares (February 3); Escobar (Escobar); Zapiola, Sucre, General Guido, Gregoria Matorras, Juan Gregorio Las Heras and Villa Maipú (General San Martín) and Hurlingham and Villa Tesei (Hurlingham).

Also in Ituzaingo and Villa Udaondo (Ituzaingo); Joseph C. Peace (Joseph C. Peace); City Avoid, Gonzalez Catan, Gregory de Laferrere, Isidro Casanova, The Council, Belvedere Hills, Ramos Mejia, Tapiales, Villa Luzuriaga and Villa Wood (The Murder); Adolfo Sourdeaux (Argentine Falklands); Mariano Acosta and Blackbird; Francisco Alvarez, Brown and King’s Pass (Brown); Castelar, La Colombe, Haedo and Moron (Moron); St. Fernando Victoria and Viceroys (St. Fernando); Boulogne, San Isidro, Martinez and Villa Adelina (St. Isidro); St. Michael (Saint Michael); Benavidez, Delta, El Talar, General Pacheco, Nordelta and Talar Trunks (Tiger) and Carapachay, Florida and Olives (Vicente Lopez).

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Regarding the city of Buenos Aires, this operator reported problems in the neighborhoods of Agronomía, Belgrano, Colegiales, Núñez, Palermo, Villa Pueyrredón and Villa Urquiza, with a total of 283 homes without electricity in these areas.

The situation occurs in the middle of a strong heat wave (Maximiliano Luna)
The situation occurs in the middle of a strong heat wave (Maximiliano Luna)

This situation comes in the context of a major heat wave hitting AMBA, where this Monday the temperature reached 35 degrees, a scenario that has been repeated since before last week and which has also led to a strong demand for energy due to part of the house.

De acuerdo con la Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico Sociedad Anónima (CAMMESA), the demand for this moon has rozar por la tarde los 11,200 MW, siendo que la máxima histórica de potencia generada para un día hábil fue de 28,562 y registró el last Friday.

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