The disaster at the Nintendo headquarters

A huge shock for Nintendo employees in Japan. The community was also shocked by the devastating scene that unfolded at the Nintendo main building in Kyoto. A major fire caused fear and panic in dozens of people and kept the local fire brigade on their toes. The authorities have yet to determine whether the extreme heat this summer or another cause of the fire is the cause.

The fire at Nintendo – was a device error the trigger?

At around 1:00 p.m., staff discovered the fire at the Nintendo Headquarters office building in Kyoto. Rescue services and fire brigades were called immediately. By then, some employees managed to contain and contain the fire. Some even succeeded in small attempts to extinguish smaller fires. However, the extent of the fire was not clear at the time. The flames reached up to the third floor, where chairs and numerous office supplies also fell victim to the flames.

Injured persons are not known so far. The suspected cause at this point is not so much arson, but rather an electronic device overheating. Due to a device error, it probably got too hot during the charging process and triggered the devastating fire in the Nintendo main building in Kyoto.

Storms and record heat of up to 35 degrees Celsius in the last two weeks also encouraged such an outbreak and created the conditions for the flames to spread rapidly. The government has already called in advance to cut down on electricity consumption and the use of electronic devices. The closure of the nuclear power plants following the Fukushima disaster a few years ago turned the country towards natural gas predominance. Now, however, the energy crisis is also progressing in Japan. The main reasons are the numerous Russian sanctions due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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