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Disability pension payments in January: how much they go up, when it is collected and when it arrives

2021 has arrived accompanied by a increase in pensions, so much contributory as non-contributory, after the entry into force of the General State Budgets for 2021. Among the latter are help for disability, that is, when an employee’s job is altered by health problems. There are four degrees of disability: permanent partial, permanent total, absolute permanent and great disability.

Benefits granted for this reason will experience a 1.8% rise. However, there are exceptions, such as that of people who perceive permanent disability pensions derived from an occupational accident or occupational disease. This pension it is paid in 12 ordinary monthly payments, with prorated extras, so that the monthly payment is a little higher, but in return, no extra amounts are paid in summer or Christmas.

Beneficiaries of pensions by absolute or total disability who are 65 years old and a dependent spouse will see their income increase from 843.4 euros to 851 euros per month. For those who do not have a dependent spouse, will raise the minimum of 683.5 euros to 689,7 euros. In the case of aid for great disability, the minimum pension contributory goes up to 1,276.5 euros per month, from 1,265.1 euros the previous year, if you have a dependent spouse. In case of not having a spouse in charge, will amount to 1,025.3 euros per month of 2020 until 1.034,6 euros.

When is the money received?

The payment of the pension is made monthly and through wire transfer to the account of the holder. Pensions are paid by Social Security on 25th of every month, although later it will be necessary to wait for the bank to make the payment, something that usually occurs during first days of the following month.

However, these dates may vary depending on the bank to which the beneficiary belongs. Some advance payroll disbursement. For example, Santander and Unicaja pensions will enter on Friday 22, as collected by the medium 65ymore, while CaixaBanc it will the next day.

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