In the car that ran over 18 people during a performance of the Paris de Noia in Vilanova de Arousa were traveling the drug dealer Falconetti and his wife, Digna Díaz Oubiña, who was driving the vehicle.
The wife of the drug dealer Luis Falcón “Falconetti”, Digna Díaz Oubiña, 82 years old, was driving the car that caused 18 people to be injured in a multiple hit-and-run during the Paris de Noia festival in Vilanova de Arousa.

The vehicle in which “Falconetti” and his wife were driving broke into the San Miguel de Deiro festival grounds at 11.25 p.m. on Sunday and crashed into the marquee, running over the crowd.

During the nearly twenty meters that the car traveled inside the structure, it ran over up to 18 victims, several of whom had to be rescued to get out from under the vehicle.

The Armed Institute has taken charge of the investigation of the incident and, after cordoning off the area, ordered to immobilize the car, an automatic Smart car, and is investigating the driver for the alleged crimes of reckless injury and damage. The woman, on the other hand, did not test negative for alcohol and drugs.

One child seriously injured

Up to eighteen people were injured in the accident, two of them seriously. One of them, a child, was admitted to the Hospital Clínico de Santiago de Compostela after suffering an abdominal hemorrhage; and also a 66-year-old woman is being treated in the intensive care unit of the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Pontevedra with severe polytraumatism.

The 061 moved to the scene a medicalized unit, four basic life support ambulances, an advanced life support ambulance and the health team of the point of continuous care to transfer the rest of the injured to the Hospital de Montecelo, and O Salnés.

Falconetti’s past

The historic smuggler Falconetti, 82 years old, was sentenced by the San Sebastian Court in 1990 to a 12-year prison sentence for leading a hashish trafficking organization in the Basque Country, of which he served six years. In 2012 he was also tried for money laundering from drug trafficking, although he was acquitted.

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