Democratic Center congressman invited Nayib Bukele to Colombia

Democratic Center congressman invited Nayib Bukele to Colombia

The President of El Salvador was invited by the Democratic Center to visit Colombia and discuss various important issues. REUTERS/Jose Cabezas

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, is one of the most popular Latin American leaders due to his strict security policy and the “declared war” against gangs in this country, a situation for which he received the praise from some congressmen of the Democratic Center. and criticism of Colombian President Gustavo Petro.

There is a political sector in the country opposed to the policies of President Gustavo Petro and expressed his support for Bukele’s determination to restore security to the Central American country with “hard hand”. In this logic, one of the senators of the said party invited the Salvadoran president to visit Colombia and give his point of view on the security situation in the country.

The Representative in the House Jose Jaime Uscategui, in full meeting with the Minister of Justice of El Salvador, Héctor Villa, expressed his interest in the trip of the Salvadoran president to Colombia. This request was made in the company of his brother, Julián Uscategui, mayor of Bogotá, who also traveled to analyze the president’s policy and see the possibility that these can be applied in the capital and in the country.

“We’ve been in San Salvador all week; We have come to experience firsthand the security policy that has been so successful in this Central American country and to invite President Bukele to join us on October 2 at our “Patriots Summit”, which we organize every year in Bogotá,” the representative told the House.

One of the congressman’s intentions when he invited the president of El Salvador is that he could provide an explanation on the model of justice that this nation has established, which to date has already captured more than 2,000 gang members.

Uscátegui said Bukele could provide Colombia with knowledge about “the social work that has given such good returns in this country, unlike what we are experiencing in Colombia. what we have it’s work to do in Bogota and Colombia.

Regarding Gustavo Petro’s intentions to implement an alternative justice model through the projects of justice reform, total peace and some law of submissionDemocratic Center congressmen are critical and assure that what the leftist president is doing is grant impunity criminals and that these “improvisations” undermine the safety of the inhabitants.

Under this premise, Uscátegui praises the model of El Salvador and assured that it is not a project developed from one moment to another, but on the contrary, it is accompanied by a process of years to exert a territorial control.

“It is a job that takes several years to honor the work of the Armed Forces and the Police, also to strengthen the foot of force and other types of areas and work units in favor of security and, finally, the strengthening justice. that gang members, those who commit crimes in El Salvador, end up in jail and serving the effective sentences,” the congressman said.

President Gustavo Petro discussed with Nayib Bukele the policies each is implementing. He even dared to point out that “Concentration campat the Salvadorian mega prison which has a capacity of 40,000 people, has a perimeter wall of 2.1 kilometers and is guarded day and night by 600 soldiers and 250 police.

Petro assured that the president’s popularity is due to the way he “sells” this policy as the safest. “I think there are people who like it: seeing young people inside prisons and they believe it’s security,” Petro said amid the presentation of a new headquarters of the District University in Bogotá in the last days of February 2023.

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