Deadly accident in Mallorca caused by drunk Russian driver speeding

Deadly accident in Mallorca caused by drunk Russian driver speeding

A russian has accepted a Three and a half years in prison in Mallorca for causing a fatal accident in Fornalutx on the night of July 31 last year.

A amigo of the defendant, who was traveling in the back of the vehicle, was delicate in the accident.
In addition, his driving license will be withdrawn for four years.

The defendant, who has been in preventive detention since the accident, was five times over the limit for driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident just before midnight.

The defendant was driving a BMW of his own despite the fact that his the license had been withdrawn just a month and a half before.

Three people were traveling with him in the vehicle, one in the passenger seat and two in the back.
while driving in high speed lost control of the car, it crashed hit a railing and the vehicle rolled down an embankment.

As a result of the accident, a 62 years man who was traveling in the back and was not wearing a seat belt was killed.

The other occupants were seriously injured. The insurance has compensated the family of the deceased.

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