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Danes overwhelmingly vote ‘Yes’ to EU defense policy

Danish voters declared themselves in favor of the European Defense Policy and thus decided, on Wednesday, June 1, to close a thirty-year parenthesis during which the small Scandinavian country has obtained an exception within the European Union. From now on, Denmark will participate in European defense decisions.

It is a vote that closes a page of thirty years, opened in 1992. That year, Denmark shook the foundations of Europe by rejecting the Maastricht Treaty. At that time, Copenhagen agreed to vote a second time and ratify the treaty, obtaining a series of exceptions in various areas.

Since then, Denmark has cultivated its difference within the EU, rejecting the euro and refusing twice, by referendum, to give up these exceptions in matters of Home Affairs and Justice. With this vote, Denmark joins the defense policy of the Union and will be able, for example, to participate in military missions under the European flag.

Why this change of opinion? Undoubtedly, because of the war in Ukraine, which has made many certainties in Europe rethink in the field of defense. Countries increase their military budgets, Sweden and Finland ask to join NATO. And Denmark ends its European exemption.

“Denmark has sent an important signal. To our allies in Europe and NATO, and to (President Vladimir) Putin. We show that when Putin invades a free country and threatens the stability of Europe, the rest of us unite,” the Prime Minister said. Danish Mette Frederiksen to her supporters.

“There was a Europe before February 24, before the Russian invasion, and there is a Europe after,” he added.

Melissa Galbraith
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