Cyclone Yaku: Health facilities on red alert due to extreme rain

In recent days, moderate to extreme rainfall, associated with Cyclone Yaku, which are raging on the north and south coasts, claiming thousands of victims in their wake. According to the latest report from the National Institute for Civil Protection (Indeci), since January 1, intense rains have left 50 dead, 48 injured, 5 missing, 7,223 homeless and more than 45,000 affected.

Given this risk scenario, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) ordered that all health facilities in the country activate the Red alert to respond immediately to emergencies that arise.

Through a press release, the health entity indicated that thus the continuity of medical care at the national level is guaranteed with the maximum availability of its resources.

He also pointed out that the NECK Health is made in monitoring of the situation in all regions of the country in order to assess the damage and coordinate the support needed to reinforce the actions of the sector.

Press release from the ministry.
Press release from the ministry.

The Minsa indicated that the Mobile emergency care service (SAMU) It is also on alert to deal with any kind of emergency resulting from the heavy rains. This is why it associates itself with these actions by providing its ambulances and medical equipment specialized near areas identified as vulnerable to landslides and flooding.

To report any type of situation that endangers the life and health of any person, you must contact the toll free 106 from any operator.

SAMU units on alert
SAMU units on alert

Through its Twitter account, Minsa reported that the personnel of Diris Lima Este and the General Directorate of Disaster Risk Management and National Health Defense (Digerd) worked in the early hours of the morning to allow the 20 health establishments in this district of the capital affected by floods and mudslides which were recorded in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 14.


On the other hand, he reports that a Mobile service post (PMA) in front of the municipality of Chosica in order to provide care to the population affected by the activation of the waterways.

“There is a supply of medicines, 9 stretchers, 3 doctors, 1 nurse and 3 brigade members who will provide timely care to the population that is affected during heavy rains,” Minsa said.

Due to the situation that the country is going through due to the extreme rains that are recorded in different regions of the coast, the President of the Republic, To Boluarte announced a series of measures for Lima and Callao as part of the prevention plan:

-The ace school and university activities public and private institutions were suspended for 24 hours.

– It was arranged remote work in state entities and the private sector was invited to join the measure.

– The platform Civil defense district, provincial and metropolitan of Lima is declared in state of alert.

– It is declared in permanent alert to the personnel and resources of the Armed Forces and the National Police to help the affected population.

– There Superintendence of Land Transport of Persons, Goods and Goods (Sutran)Beside the National Policewill be present in all land ports or land terminals of the metropolis of Lima to encourage citizens to postpone their trips.

Dina Boluarte announces measures in Lima and Callao due to rain. peru television

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