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Curfew in Madrid: Hours, when it comes into Force, what can be done and how long it Lasts

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He increase in coronavirus cases in the Community of Madrid (51%) has caused the regional government to decide to advance the curfew at 23:00. The duration, as established, will remain until 06:00 hours. On the other hand also It has been decreed the advance of the closure of the hotel and all kinds of establishments at 22:00.

At the same time, heMobility restrictions have increased in 47 basic areas and 19 towns in the Community of Madrid. The municipality of Fuenlabrada will be closed in its entirety due to the great accumulated incidence of its three basic health zones.

As announced this Friday by the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, and the Director of Community Public Health, Elena Andradas, the new measures They come into force this Monday, January 18, at 00:00 hours, and will be valid for 14 days, until next February 1 at 00:00 hours. After this time, the Community will assess the situation and decide on further measures based on the cumulative incidence.

Antonio Zapatero also announced that Module 1 of the Isabel Zendal Hospital will open in the coming days, the hospital center inaugurated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic: “We will have 90 more beds”, has assured the deputy counselor.

From the regional Executive they ask for individual responsibility to the citizens of Madrid and They request that there be only people living together in the homes. In case of social gatherings, The use of the mask is requested to avoid new infections.

British and South African strains in Madrid

The deputy councilor of the Community said: “As of today, we have identified 48 confirmed cases of the British strain. Are being made samples from hundreds of PCR and We are studying a citizen from Madrid who, while in South Africa, was infected with the coronavirus ”.

The young population, the most affected

“The largest number of cases is still concentrated in the age group between 15 and 29 years old. Would the largest transmission group right now in the Community of Madrid “, Explained Andradas.

In total, with the data from the last week, the Community of Madrid has counted 24,794 new cases of coronavirus in just seven days, that is, a cumulative incidence of 636.1 per 100,000 inhabitants.

“An upward trend, as is happening in the rest of Spain. We will act as we have always done, applying the necessary measures “Zapatero declared at a press conference.


“Right now, the number of registered vaccines is 77,130 and the forecast is to finish around 100,000 vaccinations in Madrid on Sunday. As you know we leave a reserve for the second doses every 21 days. This Sunday second dose to residents. Today’s date more than 50% of the people in the centers are vaccinated “Zapatero reported.

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