Cristina Rodríguez, with a new wedding date after delaying it due to the Covid pandemic

Cristina Rodríguez, with a new wedding date after delaying it due to the Covid pandemic

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Cristina Rodríguez achieved media popularity for her work in “Cambiame” alongside Pelayo Díaz and Natalia Ferviu, but she is one of the most well-known and award-winning stylists and costume designers in our country. Nominated for the sixth time to the Goya for her work in “Explota”, we have been able to talk with her and, in full swing, she tells us about her projects, among which are going through the altar with her partner, Raúl García, after suspending her wedding – scheduled for last summer – because of the Coronavirus pandemic.- CHANCE: Congratulations, five times to the Goya.

– CRISTINA: This is the sixth. My mother

– CH: How do you live it?

– CRISTINA: I live it the same as the first day, with the same enthusiasm, I am a little girl with 51 years old, I enjoy things. For me to be nominated is wonderful, with this film with ‘Explode’ which is a musical from the 70s, we risk a lot, we have done interesting things, I am sad that the live show is nominated, I think it deserved it and also the director of art. I’m very happy, I don’t know if I’m going to win it, hopefully, no matter how heavy they give it to me. I feel loved by my colleagues in the profession so I am very happy, like the first time.

– CH: You have to think about the outfit for that day.

– CRISTINA: First I have to lose weight, between confinement and everything I have become like a cow, it is very difficult to work 14 hours and eat a carpaccio, I am a very binge. Thinking about it costs me a lot, everything seems little always to me, now with the complement of the mask it will be complicated, it is very sad to have to wear a mask.

– CH: What will happen to your wedding.

– CRISTINA: I had to delay it, from June to July, now I have delayed it to 2021, I was getting married in July when I was telling your companions that I don’t even remember the date, July 17 or 18. Let’s see if I can and we have a party, for me the important thing is to be with those who have to be and have a good time, love each other and have fun, and I would like not to wear a mask, but let’s see what happens.

– CH: Would you delay it again?

– CRISTINA: I’m not dramatic, if we have to do it, it’s done. I don’t want to be wearing masks, I want to kiss, touch … I don’t have to get married just because, I have to get married because I want to be with my people, my friends, my family and I want everyone to have a great time. Two or three days of holidays.

– CH: How has the Covid and Filomena affected you?

– CRISTINA: I had Covid in March, I think I am patient 0, I knew it was going to touch me because we were with people all the time, dressing them, in small places, it was very cold, I knew it was going to be one of the first. They confined us on Friday and by Sunday she was already ill. I went through the regular pandemic, part of it was alone, I was alone for more than two months, neither my boy nor anything, but I cope well with loneliness. I learned to cook, I can go to Masterchef tomorrow. The first day they let us work I started working and I have worked a lot. When I thought the sun was going to rise, Filomena arrived. This week has been one of the hardest of my professional life, working, shopping, making wardrobe fittings under these conditions has been very difficult, but I was successful, I did wardrobe fitting so the bad thing is over. I have started the week with a nomination.

– CH: After so much hardship, the nominations are lived more intensely.

– CRISTINA: Sure, I am a very positive person and I have been super negative this week, angry, this weekend with migraines, it has been on my nerves.


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