The body of a businessman was dismembered in Barranca | VIDEO: Latinas

Alphonse Utrilla Solis He had been wanted since last Sunday, February 19, when he left his home in order to meet his friends. After an intense search by the authorities and his relatives, his body was found dismembered in a house, located in the district of Supe Pueblo, province of canyon.

The family of the businessman notified his search yesterday, Tuesday February 21, after two days that he did not arrive at his home. In this way the Barranca Police Division followed and found the body inside this building.

According to the testimonies of neighbors, relatives may have more information about his whereabouts, for which they indicated that the businessman entered the house. In this sense, the security cameras confirmed the entry of the victim, but he never managed to get out.

Barranca: They find the dismembered body of a businessman after being reported missing.  Photo: Andean
Barranca: They find the dismembered body of a businessman after being reported missing. Photo: Andean

Given this, the authorities entered and were surprised by the murder of Utrilla Solís, but he had been dismembered into five parts. At the scene of the events, the National Police of Peru and criminal experts to carry out the corresponding prosecutions.

Having information from neighbors and corroborating footage, family and experts entered the house. However, a strong smell caught their attention in one of the rooms which was apparently rented, so they found the victim’s limbs and personal effects.

Upon entering, authorities found two people of Venezuelan nationality, for which they arrested them as suspected suspects, as they left with blankets and backpacks. Over the hours, it was confirmed that a total of four citizens, two men and two women, who may be behind this crime, have been captured.

According to information from Latina, it was a robbery. The businessman is said to have gone to the house by deception, but by not providing the keys to the card, he was murdered. Note that the victim’s wallet was not found at the scene.

Neighbors and relatives came to the scene.  Photo: Latina
Neighbors and relatives came to the scene. Photo: Latina

Among murders, robberies and hitmen, the main crimes that have gained ground in the country, whether their victims are minors or not. After several known cases in recent weeks, the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, has indicated that she will meet with the ministers of the State to seek strategies on citizen insecurity.

“If we are here, it is to confront the great evils that have hindered growth and development, to protect, above all, the health, life and integrity of Peruvians and to open a path of hope for the country . “, assured the president.

In this sense, he mentioned that an articulated work will be carried out between the Ministry of the Interior, the National Prosecutor’s Office, the Judiciary and the regional and district governments. Every day at least one murder is recorded, while every hour a robbery can be reported.

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