Given the prospect of falling thermometers, Europeans are preparing for a difficult winter due to the shortage of gas from Russia. In Germany, the decision to give aid to energy consortiums raises blisters in the government coalition.

Three consecutive packages have been presented by the German government to alleviate the enormous rise in the price of gas in the country, which now reaches an increase of 163%. The last one, presented this week, has had a dire reception.

The Greens party, a member of the government coalition, had requested a special tax on the enormous extra income that the energy consortiums have had this year. But precisely the green minister of economy, Robert Habeck, presented a package to balance the surcharge of gas among German consumers and one of the great favored will be the large consortiums that, in addition to having increased their profits, would receive a bonus, financed by households Germans.

It has been criticized that the consortiums are in very good health and that the rise in gas prices is not a threat to their existence and that they do not need the 3,000 million euros of aid to survive.

All German households have already received a letter from the energy companies in their mailboxes preparing them for the rise that is coming this winter.

Much of the heating in Germany is fueled by gas and many expect large popular demonstrations in case the government does not handle this crisis well. The same green foreign minister Annalena Baerbock warned of “popular uprisings” for the coming winter.

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