Confirmed: Poncho Zuleta’s courtship was a marketing ploy

Confirmed: Poncho Zuleta’s courtship was a marketing ploy

Poncho Zuleta and presenter Juanda Caribe would have implemented a marketing strategy to present a musical production.

Zuleta Poncho, singer-songwriter from Guajiro, has starred in one of the most high-profile news in Vallenato show business in recent times. And it is that the composer would apparently be the boyfriend of Maria Laura Marriaga, a woman who is 42 years apart. “Poncho” is 73 years old and “La Frunita” (as she calls herself) is 31 years old.

The two were trending on social media on February 24, 2023, when Zulueta posted a video in which he gifted Marriaga a luxurious 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser-branded van worth over 500 million pesos.

However, and according to the media Vallenato Portalthis whole “show” was put together by Zuleta Poncho and the singer Juanda Caribbean as a marketing strategy or prelude to the musical production premiered on February 25, 2023, which is called “La Frunita”.

Poncho Zuleta and Juanda Caribe premiered their new song, “La Frunita”

“Romance is nothing more than a curated, chained publicity montage to attract an audience and capture looks that achieve the new musical goal of singer and urban music influencer Juanda Caribe, who, along with maestro Poncho Zuleta, collaborated on the theme ‘La frunita’. The videos of the vehicle delivery and the alleged birthday party are part of the music video shoot for the song,” Portal Vallenato said.

There have been many comments on this relationship between Zuleta Poncho and social communicator Maria Laura Marriagasome of them very supportive wishing them many congratulations, and others claiming that “Poncho no longer has the gas to walk those trots”.

Likewise, we must congratulate both the person who planned this marketing strategy, as well as Zuleta and Marriaga, since both generated a great expectation campaign through social networks that led us to believe that this relationship in is a “very serious”. “

Juanda Caribe and Poncho Zuleta would create a new song.  / Photo @juandacaribeshow
Juanda Caribe and Poncho Zuleta would create a new song. / Photo @juandacaribeshow

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, singer Vallenato Zuleta Poncho He posted a video on his Instagram account in which he officially introduced what his new romantic partner would be. This publication has generated a lot of interactions because “The Golden Lung” of 73 years is in a relationship with a woman visibly younger than him, Laury Marriaga, 31 years old.

Carlos Vargas spoke about the relationship between Poncho Zuleta and Laury Maria Marriaga (@carlitosvargasm and @frunita103/Instagram)
Carlos Vargas spoke about the relationship between Poncho Zuleta and Laury Maria Marriaga (@carlitosvargasm and @frunita103/Instagram)

In this sense, one of the reactions that most caught the attention of Instagram users was that of Carlos Vargas, gossip host The Web. He used the stories from his profile on said social network to share a post from the show aired by the snail channel where they talked about Zuleta’s new relationship. The communicator uploaded a photo in which he referred to the said relationship and in which he underlined how happy he looked and how lucky he was to have found a person who returned his feelings :

“Poncho Zuleta is luckier in love than me hahaha. I would have liked to come out like that bagged and cuddled from the carnivals hahahaha ”

Vargas’s post did not go unnoticed by Zuleta, who reacted by reposting said message and responding with a few words where, jokingly, he invites the presenter not to lose hope: “My dear friend, Carlitos Vargas, who gonna get hit they dungeon”.

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