Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba was held at the Honduran airport with ,000

Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba was held at the Honduran airport with $68,000

Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba was held this Wednesday in Honduras, with almost 68,000 dollars that she did not declare at an airport in the central region of the Central American country. reported the National Migration Institute (INM).

Córdoba, 67, was detained at Palmerola International Airport located in the central Honduran department of Comayagua, according to a brief INM statement.

Senator “has been provisionally with held for investigation for the possession of approximately 68,000 US dollars that were not declared”, pointed out the Honduran institution.

The money allegedly belongs to a Colombian businessman (unidentified) who resides in the city of Tegucigalpa (capital of Honduras), who is being summoned by the Honduran State Prosecutor’s Office to give his statement and that it follows the corresponding legal procedure, ”indicated the INM.

The statement from the National Migration Institute

the senator she had the money hidden in a suitcase and was required when she intended to take a commercial flight to Panama according to local media.

Córdoba and the insured currencies were made available to the Public Ministry, where the corresponding investigations will be followed up..

The senator arrived in Honduras last Friday, where she supposedly met with government authorities headed by Xiomara Castro, leader of the ruling party Libertad y Refundación (Libre, left).

The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro

Córdoba, who had already been a senator between 1994 and 2010, has been in the eye of the hurricane after it became known in February, in an investigation of Snail Newsa statement before the Prosecutor’s Office of Andrés Vásquez, former adviser to the elected congresswoman.

In it, the man assured that about 15 years ago the policy “would have politically capitalized on the delivery of hostages to the point of delaying the release of Íngrid Betancourt and the three US contractors”.

According to that version, Córdoba wanted to give credit for the release of hostages to the then Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, so that he, in turn, would “catapult” her to the Colombian Presidency.

The senator has also been accused of having links with the alleged figurehead of the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro, Álex Saabwho is detained and with whom she would have traveled and done business, as some political sectors denounce.

Blue Radio talked to the senator about the money she was carrying in cash and, according to her, it corresponds to a payment of consultancies. After authorities became aware of the money, an officer in charge “he counted the bills one by one”, explained the media outlet. The procedure lasted about three hours..

When the senator was questioned about what was reported by the Honduran authorities, she replied that: “That is not true at all, that is false. I handed over the money myself because I was going to pay the departure tax”.

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