Temperature, probability of rain, clouds and ultraviolet rays are some of the information you need to know before leaving home. (GlobeLiveMedia/Jovani Perez)

Will it rain, will it be sunny or will it be cold this Monday?, here it is weather forecast for the next few hours in Cali.

In Cali, it is expected a maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius.

As for the rain the probability of precipitation for this city will be 55% during the day and 25% at night.

In the same direction, the cloudiness will be 94% during the day and 99% at night. While the gusts of wind they will reach 18 kilometers per hour during the day and 15 kilometers per hour at night.

Watch out for the sun, ultraviolet rays should reach a level of up to 6.

North of Valle de Cauca, Cali has a mainly tropical climate, characterized by being hot and dry..

In Cali, the mean temperature It is 24 degrees Celsius, according to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM).

During the day, the Maximum temperature It fluctuates between 30 and 31 degrees Celsius. While in the minimum temperature it drops at dawn to 19 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Cali is characterized by having constant rains throughout the year, being two seasons in which precipitation is more abundant.

The first is from March to May and the second from October to December, with April and November being the rainiest months.

On the other hand, the mid-year months are the driest in the Colombian city: June, July and August.

    The city of Cali has a mainly tropical climate, characterized by being hot and dry.  (Cali City Hall/Archives)
The city of Cali has a mainly tropical climate, characterized by being hot and dry. (Cali City Hall/Archives)

The weather in Colombia is very varied.he the climate is affected due to its geographical complexity just like the coasts of the Caribbean Sea in the north, the current of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the mountain ranges that cross it from the center from north to south.

According to IDEAM there are at least four types of weather in the country: tropical high mountain, dry, temperate and cold.

In the case of tropical climatesfour subtypes are identified: rainy or equatorial jungle, rainy or monsoon forest, dry winter savannah and dry summer savannah.

He tropical rainforest or equatorial It covers areas such as the central and northern Amazon, the entire Pacific region, parts of Antioquia, western Santander, Boyacá and Cundinamarca, the Catatumbo region and the foothills of the Amazon. During this time he tropical rainforest or monsoon it reaches the foothills of the plains and the extreme south of the Caribbean region.

There savannah with dry winter includes most of the Caribbean and Orinoco region, as well as the lower sectors of Santander and Antioquia. In reference to savannah with dry summer. It adds the inter-Andean valleys of Tolima, Huila, Valle, Cauca and Nariño.

For him dry climatein Colombia on very hot arid or desert and very hot semi-arid or steppe. The first is perceived in the upper part of the Guajira and the second in the middle and lower zone of the same department plus sectors of the Caribbean coast.

He mild climate it is felt in the middle and lower areas of the three mountain ranges of the Colombian country; During this time he high mountain coldas the name suggests, in the upper levels of the three mountain ranges.

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