Colo Colo overtook Magallanes with two goals in the game of the 7th day of the Chile – Betsson Championship 2023 tournament. The goals for the local were scored by Fabián Castillo (12′ 1T) and Darío Lezcano (29′ 2T).

Tomás Aránguiz put in an excellent performance. The Magallanes midfielder made 70 correct passes and stole 6 balls.

Another player who had a great game was Fabián Castillo. The Colo Colo striker shone by scoring 1 goal and making 16 correct passes.

The game was contested, but there were more infractions than creating fair play. There were 3 reprimands: Thomas Jones, Gustavo Quinteros and César Fuentes.

Colo Colo coach Gustavo Quinteros presented a tactical 4-3-3 setup with Brayán Cortéz in goal; Daniel Gutiérrez, Ramiro González, Matías De Los Santos and César Fuentes on the defensive line; Carlos Palacios, Esteban Pavez and Vicente Pizarro in the middle; and Fabián Castillo, Marcos Bolados and Leandro Benegas in attack.

Meanwhile, Nicolás Núñez’s side came out with a 4-3-3 tactical arrangement with Gastón Rodríguez under the three sticks; Albert Acevedo, Matías Vásquez, Christian Vilches and Felipe Espinoza in defence; Iván Vásquez, Carlos Villanueva and Alfred Canales in midfield; and Julián Alfaro, Felipe Flores and Thomas Jones in front.

Juan Lara was the chosen referee for the match at Monumental.

On the next date, Colo Colo will host Universidad de Chile and Magallanes will play as a visitor against Palestino.

In this way, the local is in fifth place in the championship with 10 points, while the visit, with 7, is in twelfth place.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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