China will ban the construction of new steel, coke, oil refining, cement and glass projects in key areas, the government announced on Friday in a policy document aimed at combating pollution and meeting climate targets. from the country.

It states that China will intensify its efforts to establish a zoning system that manages environmental risks and take measures to reduce heavy industry in already polluted regions, river basins and urban areas.

In addition to banning heavy industries in the zones, China will also ensure that new energy vehicles account for about 50% of total car sales around 2030 and will prioritize the development of biomass, geothermal or solar energy. solar energy for heating.

The document states that China needs to find new “synergies” that will allow it to reduce air, water and land pollution, while also addressing carbon dioxide emissions, which the country aims to reduce to the maximum before 2030.

The document states that many of the pressures on the environment have yet to be eased, adding that “there is still a long way to go to achieve the vision of building a beautiful China and achieving carbon neutrality.”

The document also promises to accelerate the switch to alternative fuels in cement production, expand the deployment of carbon capture and storage, and boost recycling rates in the steel and aluminum sectors.

Measures will also be taken to encourage low-carbon lifestyles and create “green communities,” the document said, without elaborating.

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