Beijing (Globe Live Media) – Against the background of the ongoing tensions over Taiwan, China has again threatened to take the island republic by military means if necessary. China will always make great efforts to achieve peaceful reunification with Taiwan, according to a white paper on the Taiwan issue published by the Chinese government on Wednesday.

“But we will not refrain from using force and we reserve the right to take any necessary measures,” it said. The use of force is “under compelling circumstances” the “last resort”.

Beijing: “Foil any attempt to divide our country”

According to the Chinese leadership, foreign interference in Taiwan will not be tolerated. “We will thwart any attempt to divide our country,” it said. “The historic goal of reunifying our homeland must and will be realized.” China has made similar threats against Taiwan in the past.

The latest tensions were sparked last week by a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei against Beijing’s opposition. The Chinese leadership rejects such official contacts from other countries to Taiwan because they see the island as part of the People’s Republic. On the other hand, Taiwan has long seen itself as independent. Since Pelosi’s visit, the People’s Liberation Army has been practicing not only a naval and air blockade, but also a possible conquest of the island in sustained maneuvers.

Pelosi defended her trip on Tuesday. “What the Chinese are doing now is what they always do,” she said, referring to the military maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait. The Democrat said she received “overwhelming bipartisan support” for her visit.

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