China says 4 soldiers killed in Galwan clash with India ...

China acknowledges that 4 of its soldiers died in conflict with India in June

The Chinese authorities recognized today for the first time that at least 4 of their soldiers died last June during one of the clashes with Indian troops in a disputed border area in the Himalayas western.

The Central Military Commission, the body that controls the Chinese armed forces, announced the imposition of posthumous medals to four “martyrs who sacrificed themselves to defend national sovereignty and territory.”

India had reported the death of 20 of its soldiers and that another 76 had been injured, while so far from China only reports had emerged in which casualties were recognized but in a number that was “not high.”

Beijing also made a hero to a colonel who led the soldiers during the confrontation and who was, according to the state television station CCTV, “seriously wounded”.

The Chinese version of the conflict is that, in April, Indian troops crossed the line that serves as the ‘de facto’ border between the two countries in the area and that in June they violated bilateral agreements and crossed it again to “deliberately provoke and attack violently. “to the Chinese emissaries and soldiers who had come to negotiate.

The clash in the Galwan Valley area, west of Pangong Lake, was the worst in 45 years between nuclear powers, which have a historic dispute over various regions of the Himalayas.

Both countries reacted to the confrontation by reinforcing their military presence in the so-called Line of Real Control (LAC) while they tried to solve the crisis through diplomatic channels.

In fact, last week, the Indian government announced that the two armies had begun de-escalation in the region after months of negotiations that facilitated an agreement to end the military deployment in a “staggered, coordinated and verified” manner.
This Wednesday, satellite images confirmed the withdrawal of Chinese troops from the border area, although Beijing and New Delhi will continue negotiating in the near future.

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