The peripheral ring will be closed in the coming days (Photo: Google Maps)

The Government of Mexico City, through the Ministry of Public Works and Services (SOBSE), has reported that maneuvering works will be carried out to place and reorganize a new pedestrian bridge located in Anillo Periférico corner Graal José Morán, located in the town hall of Miguel Hidalgo, for which the authorities have asked to take traffic precautions.

SOBSE has indicated that in order to avoid agglomerations on one of the roads most used by the inhabitants of the capital, the corresponding works will be carried out at dawn. However, the agency reiterated taking optional routes to avoid setbacks.

According to the statement of the government agency of the capital, this February 22, from eleven o’clock in the evening (11:00 p.m.) and until the forecast at 5 a.m. on February 23, the closure of traffic in the central streets of Anillo Periférico, corresponding to the section located in the Avenue of the Composers at General Cueto, which run in a north-south direction.

On the other hand, from February 23, from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. on Friday, February 24, there will be traffic closures corresponding to the central lanes of Anillo Periférico located in the section of the Calle H to Calzada Chivatito going from south to north.

“Due to the above, citizens are suggested to take precautions and use the sides of the Perimeter Ring or alternative routes for their car transfers. Once the work is completed, vehicle traffic will return to normal,” the agency said on its fact sheet.

According to the authorities of the capital, these works aim to guarantee greater mobility and safety to the people who crisscross the area daily, since it is considered one of the fastest roads in the capital, and where a large number of of vehicles, greater protection is sought for pedestrians.

Perimeter route options (Twitter/ @SOBSECDMX)
Perimeter route options (Twitter/ @SOBSECDMX)

It should be noted that these road closures are in addition to the closure of other parts of the Peripheral Ring for the works to reinforce Metro line 12 in what corresponds to the Periférico Oriente and Avenida Tláhuac section. This was reported by the CDMX Works and Services Secretariat on December 26.

These measurements correspond to the direction that goes from south to north of the town hall of Tláhuac. As well as incorporation routes in Periférico were confined to Avenida Tláhuac and the CETRAM Peripheral East.

However, and despite the reconstruction work on the Metro section of line 12, 2 lanes in the south-north direction, one lane in the north-south direction and the north-south side remain open.

In view of the objections, the Department of Works and Services has provided a list of alternative routes by which users can travel to avoid setbacks on their routes.

From south to north the routes are recommended:

Tlalpan Viaduct, Northbound

Axis 8 south, eastbound

Axis 3 south, heading north

Chalco Canal, to the east for the inhabitants of Tláhuac and Xochimilco

Eje 10 Sur, with an alternative to join the Chalco Canal and Eje 3

From north to south, alternative routes are estimated as follows:

-Axis 6 south, direction east

– Axis 8 south, as an alternative route to the east or west

– Avenida San Francisco Tlatelolco, direction east

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