Cases of monkeypox rise to twelve in the Dominican Republic, after the Ministry of Public Health reported three new positives on Wednesday.

The cases correspond to a 28-year-old man residing in San Cristóbal, in the southeast of the country, and a 27-year-old woman who lives in the National District of the capital, who are receiving care at their homes.

Another man, of Haitian nationality, is isolated at the Ramón de Lara Military Hospital in Santo Domingo, reported Public Health in a statement.

The evolution of another person who presents typical rashes of the disease is followed, although it could be chickenpox, which is similar to smallpox, so the results are awaited.

The Dominican Republic reported the first case of monkeypox on July 6, in a 25-year-old person who was infected in the United States.

The symptoms of the disease are similar to those of the eradicated smallpox, although somewhat milder, such as fever, headache, tiredness and chills, along with the characteristic rash.

Following the detection of monkeypox in Europe outside endemic countries last May, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this outbreak a public health emergency of international importance in July.

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