Carolina Marín sweeps Tzu Ying in the final of Thailand

Carolina Marín sweeps Tzu Ying in the final of Thailand

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One, two, three, and four. They have been the attempts that Carolina Marín has needed to shine again in a badminton tournament. A streak of three consecutive finals that ended in Huelva at the Thai Open with her imperial triumph over world number 1 Tai Tzu Ying. In Bangkok, the Spanish left behind the setbacks of the past year in Indonesia, Barcelona and Denmark to return to the top in the best possible way: overwhelming the player in the most form of the moment (9-21 and 16-21) and with which presented an unfavorable balance of 9-6 in their previous duels. An exciting starting point for the future Tokyo Games with Fernando Rivas’s ward defending the title.

Caro showed her best version from the beginning. Aggressive, dominant and very accurate, she managed to corner the Asian at the bottom of the track. Looking for depth and withering attacks with the smash, Carolina took advantage in the first set thanks to a streak of five consecutive points (2-7). Tzu Ying maintained another game scheme, bothering the Huelva-born player with short angles, which was not very effective due to her higher number of unforced errors. With this positive inertia, Caro embroidered badminton to win the first set on the fast track: 9-21

The Chinese faced the second set as the first ended, resigned to the gale of the Spanish game. A recital of shots adjusted to the lines and impossible defenses that left the number 1 without ideas. Marín continued to cook the points with patience and better strategy to soon open a gap in the second set (6-11). Scream after scream, the balance definitely tipped on the side of the Huelva until the final 16-21. Match to remember and a new title for the Spanish, who had not raised a trophy since December 2019 in Italy. The best Carolina is back to stay.

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