The Argentinian DT spoke about the fact that the midfielder did not start in 2023 in the ‘U’. (Video: Movistar Sports)

Sports University He is not going through a good sporting moment in Liga 1 2023. And it is that he comes from three consecutive defeats that put him far from the first places and soon after facing the previous phase of the Copa Sudamericana. This scenario caused the resignation of the technician Carlos Compagnucci, who preferred to take another path in the face of the impossibility of reversing the situation. But one of the issues that surprised everyone was the replacement of Piero Quispesomething the same coach explained in detail.

“Piero had a bad pre-season. His form wasn’t the best at the start of pre-season. I was not focused, I was not doing well at football. Last year Piero Quispe played with me in all the games and am I going to want to put one that is bad and am I going to leave it to Piero who is well?”, were his first program words. tilt of Movistar Sports.

In the same way, he indicated that in the pre-season duels the footballing figure of the midfielder was not ideal and quoted the expression of a coach with global repercussions. “Once I heard Rafa Benítez say this: ‘The good thing about people who don’t go to see training is that they don’t find out anything, and the bad thing is that He doesn’t know what you train and how the others are doing. Piero was not in his best shape. We saw it with Aucas and it didn’t go well, in Chile either, it didn’t go well last week. It wasn’t fresh, spicy, like it was last year“, said.

Obviously, the important thing was to know why Piero Quispe was so in Universitya fact that he himself Compagnucci could not understand. “Maybe he wasn’t focused, I don’t know. But I’m not going to leave on the bench a footballer who has always played with me and who seems different from the others. Now, from the bank, you can come in and change until you recover,” he said.

Piero Quispe with Universitario against Curicó Unido in a 2023 pre-season friendly match. (Universitario)
Piero Quispe with Universitario against Curicó Unido in a 2023 pre-season friendly match. (Universitario)

Carlos Compagnucci admitted he was always behind what was happening to the 21-year-old. The follow-up was so good that a nutritionist was contacted to guide him in this aspect and in a strict manner. “Every day I spoke with Piero Quispe. He is the player I talk to the most. I put the nutritionist and he had to send him a picture every day of what he ate because you have to take care of it. We give footballers two out of four meals: breakfast and lunch, 50% of us cover that, but I don’t know what the other 50% do. I wanted to know how he ate in the afternoon and evening. I took care of him and pampered him as much as I could,” he confessed.

Finally, there were rumors that the team player in the box ‘Meringue’ He could have committed indiscipline, which the Argentine coach categorically ruled out and that it was only sporting problems. “He was not in his form as a footballer, but it happens and it has nothing to do with Quispe throwing a party, I don’t mean that, but I’m talking about his form as a footballer,” said he declared.

The now ex-‘U’ technician confessed to helping him with a nutritionist at the Peruvian wheel. (Video: Movistar Sports)

And it is that Piero Quispe It was one of the highlights of University 2022. Despite the constant changes of coaches, with the majority, he was able to establish himself as a starter. This is how he came to play 37 times, but with the outstanding task of improving his attacking output (he scored just two goals and provided three assists).

By 2023, it was expected that the footballer could have his year of consolidation, although in the first games he was unable to line up as a starter. As expressed Carlos CompagnucciHe didn’t show his rogue or daring football, only coming from the substitutes’ bench.

In addition, the hiring in midfield increased competition: Horacio Calcaterra, Rodrigo Ureña and Martín Pérez Guedes reinforced the squad, the latter being the one preferred by the DT given Quispe’s poor form. Now all he has to do is reverse his moment and start to stand out.

Martín Pérez Guedes started at Universitario against Piero Quispe.  (Academic)
Martín Pérez Guedes started at Universitario against Piero Quispe. (Academic)

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