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Canadian police confirm several victims in a wave of shootings bordering the US

Police authorities have confirmed this Monday several victims in “multiple shootings” in the town of Langley, located in southwestern Canada and very close to the US border.

The Police have issued an alert for the incident at dawn (local time), including the description of a possible suspect. Later, they confirmed the arrest of a man, although the possibility that he did not act alone is being studied.

Sergeant Rebeca Parslow has detailed to the media that she has confirmed several civilian victims, although without specifying figures, as reported by the Canadian radio and television CBC . According to her information, it could be homeless people.

After the first alert, the authorities have issued a second notice urging citizens to stay away from the city center while the Police continue with the investigations.

Police have set up multiple crime scenes a few miles apart: one at Willowbrook Mall, another at Cascades Casino on Fraser Highway, and a third near a thrift store and bus loop on Logan Avenue and Glover Road.

Melissa Galbraith
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