Striker Olivia Smith shone in Canada’s victory over San Vicente in the match played on Day 2 of CONCACAF Group A – Women’s Under-20 Qualifiers 2023. The away goals were scored by Olivia Smith, who converted a Hat-Trick (20′ 1T, penalty, 24′ 1T, penalty and 45′ 1T), Nyah Rose (30′ 1T), Kayla Briggs (37′ 1T), Jadea Collin (9′ 2T ), Rosa Maalouf (10′ 2T and 43′ 2T), Anabelle Chukwu (24′ 2T), Jeneva Hernandez Gray (26′ 2T) and Ella McBride (35′ 2T and 41′ 2T).

The judge chosen to conduct the match at the Pan Am Stadium was Shandor Wilkinson.

For the following date, San Vicente will act as visitor against El Salvador and Canada will visit.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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