Brigitte Bardot said “the coronavirus is good” it regulates overpopulation

Brigitte Bardot said “the coronavirus is good” it regulates overpopulation

French actress Brigitte Bardot again caused controversy for her statements. This time, she did not jump to the defense of the filmmakers accused of abuse by other fellow artists, but rather made an unfortunate reflection on the pandemic that has been going through the whole world for a year, considering that the virus “is a good thing” because “it regulates overpopulation”. 

“I am afraid that the Covid and the other epidemics that are being known will painfully restore a new order,” the actress of And God created the woman  assured without hesitation in dialogue with the Italian magazine Oggi . 

The artist, who has campaigned for animal rights and has run a foundation in their defense since 1986, reinforced her position: “When those 5 billion people on this earth are gone, nature will regain its rights .  

“You ask me if this virus is a good thing? Yes, it is a kind of regulation of an overpopulation that we cannot control,” she confirmed to the surprise of the journalist. 

Since her isolation, which she meets in the La Madrague mansion, in Saint Tropez, in the south of France, she considered that she is not exposed to the contagion of Covid-19. “I don’t see anyone. It will not be the goats that infect me,” remarked the 86-year-old actress, who is part of the risk group due to her age.

Bardot also took advantage of the microphone to express his controversial opinion on immigration, already expressed on several occasions. The actress admitted that she prefers “tougher governments”.

“I am in favor of an authoritarian government, capable of bringing order to the mess we live in. When I think that the French government leaves out poor citizens who work hard and receive less help than all these immigrants who attack us, it horrifies me”, she remarked.

The actress wrote the book A Cry for Silence in 2003 , which was brought to justice for the clearly racist nature of the play. There she said that she has “no regard” for Muslims and confessed to being “against the Islamization of France.”

Bardot was convicted in the past for “incitement to racial hatred.” Experience, however, does not seem to have made her punish. “I do not care, that they convict me again. It will cost me money and I do not care. And if I do not have the money to pay the sentence, I will go to jail. It would be fun,” she added.

In November, the actress had again criticized the #Metoo movement, with which she always kept her distance. “Now I think we complain about everything and nothing. Before long, admitting that a woman is beautiful is going to be a crime. I liked being looked at,” she added then, arousing the ire of different feminist movements.

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