When many Chinese brides find it difficult to find bridesmaids for their wedding because they don’t have many friends, a rental service is born to help them solve the problem.

Huihui, 22, from eastern China’s Shandong province , has joined the burgeoning bridesmaid rental industry and turned it into her career. The young girl not only worked as a bridesmaid for more than a dozen weddings, but also opened a bridesmaid rental studio in Jinan city.

She said more than 1,000 women around the country have signed up to do this job to earn extra income.

“Why is there a need to hire bridesmaids? I think the main reason is that many people lead a lonely life in modern society. Classmates often don’t contact each other after graduation and make friends with colleagues who can. can be a challenge,” Huihui said.

The cost of hiring bridesmaids ranges from 400 yuan ($63) to 1,000 yuan ($157) per day, depending on the city. Huihui said finding someone willing to wake up early and spend the day at the wedding of a couple they don’t know is not easy.

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