An attempted murder case went viral on social media. It is about a teacher who was saved from being killed with a firearm by one of his former students. The incident occurred in the city of Guaratinga, in Bahia, Brazil.

The teacher was in a bar with his partner when a young man approached him from behind and pointed a firearm at him.

In the videos it can be seen that the young man tries to fire the weapon three times. However, the gun did not work. Noticing that he cannot shoot, the young man runs out of the place.

The unusual thing is that the teacher and his partner never realized what was about to happen, until other people who were at the scene recounted the attempted murder, which was recorded on the bar’s security cameras.

Although at first the authorities believed that it was an older man, according to local media G1, the investigations found that the person responsible for the attempted attack was a 15-year-old former student who had disagreements in the past with the teacher involved.

“The police said that the minor has had disagreements with the teacher and will be presented at the police station, where he will provide clarification on the case”, the newspaper stated.

For their part, the police will request the capture of the minor for a crime analogous to attempted murder. In addition, an attempt is made to determine the exact causes why the student tried to end the life of his former teacher in the past.

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