The number of dead after the shipwreck of a boat in the area of ​​the mouth of the Amazon River, in northern Brazil, rose to 19 yesterday, according to official sources.

According to the Secretary of Public Security of the state of Pará, since Thursday, when the shipwreck occurred, The bodies of eleven women, five men and three children were rescued without life and 65 survivors were recorded between passengers and crew.

On the day of the accident, eleven deaths were reported, a figure that between Friday and Saturday increased to 19. The last body rescued, as confirmed by the regional government, was that of a woman who was found yesterday morning by the team of divers.

As it is a clandestine transport vessel, there are no records of the passengers and crew and therefore, with the removal of the ship scheduled for this weekend, it is possible that even more bodies will be found imprisoned by the ship that sank, detailed the source.

Due to this lack of records, the number of people who were transported on the ship went from the seventy initially reported by the authorities, to later 82 and now it is 84. On Friday, according to the Secretariat, a twenty-year-old man one child out of four were rescued alive by fishermen one day after the accident and the number of survivors increased from 63 to 65.

The Brazilian Navy, which is participating in the search efforts, reported in a statement that it has opened an investigation to clarify the causes of the accident.

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