Ukraine News: Bombing in Kiev, raid on cancer hospital in Mykolaiv, Sirens also sound in Lviv

Ukraine News: Bombing in Kiev, raid on cancer hospital in Mykolaiv, Sirens also sound in Lviv

Ukraine, 17th day of war

Powerful bombings occurred overnight in the suburbs of Kiev. Sirens also rang for a long time in Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities. The approach of Russian forces to the capital of Ukraine is also evidenced by some satellite images, which show the use of heavy artillery. Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of raids in Mykolaiv, where a cancer hospital and some residential buildings were damaged, although none of the hundreds of patients in the hospital were killed in the attack.

Ukraine, the latest news live

7.15 am –  After two hours, the air alarm of this morning in Lviv, the city in western Ukraine, hitherto considered relatively safe, ceased after two hours. The city was awakened by alarm sirens before dawn, around 5.30. The alarm ceased at about 7.35 am. It is the first time since the war in Ukraine that the alarm in Lviv has lasted so long.

5.45 am –  Sirens sound in different cities of Ukraine, from Lviv to Kiev, from Cherasky to Kharkiv. The Guardian reports it. A few hours ago CNN reported explosions not far from the Ukrainian capital, where Russian forces are said to be approaching.

3.45 am –  Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of having damaged a hospital for the treatment of cancer patients and some residential buildings in Mykolaiv with heavy artillery raids. The Associated Press reports on its website. The head of the facility reports that several hundred patients were in the hospital at the time of the attack, but none were killed.

3.15 am –  The list of Russian oligarchs on which the United States imposes sanctions is lengthened. The State Department announces further measures against members of the board of directors of Novikombank and ABR Management. Yuri Kovalchuk, Kirill Kovaluch, Dmitri Lebedev and Vladimir Knyagin of ABR Management end up in the sights of the United States. The four members of the Novikombank board of directors affected are the president Elena Georgieva, German Belous, Andrey Sapelin and Dmitri Vavulin.

2.20 am –  Powerful bombing in the suburbs of Kiev, from where the raids can be clearly heard. The CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward reports it. Some satellite images showed Russian forces approaching the capital thanks to the use of heavy artillery.

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