The General Cemetery of La Paz was filled this Tuesday with “birth”the human skulls that are worshiped in Bolivia with flowers, coca and candles to thank them and ask for favors such as health, justice and work.

Like every November 8, the day of the “birth”human skulls that they have that name because they lack the noseThey arrive at the cemetery accompanied by their owners who transport them in transparent urns to be blessed.

What is the reason for the celebration?

“We bring the “ñatitas” to come and have fun, to see people because they are kept in the house and don’t see anyone all year long and also so that people adore them, see them and ask them what they want. “told EFE the spiritual guide Justina Oblitas.

The spiritual guide has two human skulls that have been given to him more than 45 years ago, the first is a “soul in purgatory” who died in an accident called ‘Tata Andrés’ and the other is an old woman who died in the hospital that her name is ‘Justina’, she said Oblite.

She is a faithful believer in the qualities of “birth” that, in his opinion, they can fulfill wishes and also remove bad situations and with great faith they can make the person “dream” with the answers to their problems.

That is why Oblite each year he takes their skulls to the cemetery, where there are dozens of “birth” who also hope to be venerated by believers who carry coca leaves, cigarettes, flower crowns, colored wool hats, alcohol and even sweets and food.

People approach the skulls and put the flowers on top and light the cigarettes to leave them in their mouths so they can smoke and receive their request.

For its part, Cielowho preferred not to give his last name, took five “birth” that they have a space in their family business, which is a funeral home, so that they do not lack work or money and also protection.

Each one was a gift to her family and every week They put the best flowers on them, make them smoke so they “don’t get mad” and protect them.

A couple of days ago a relative gave him a “ñatita” who gave him the name “Andrés” who, according to what they told him, is very “jealous” with women and does not let them marry.

For its part, Francis Segales took his “ñatita” adorned with a hat, feathers and coca to meet other souls and enjoy all the offerings that people leave them.

Segales He commented that there are skulls that are specifically to ask for justice, since it helps to solve complex cases, there are others that help children or couples so that they can have children.

This is the case of “Luz”, a “ñatita” of a girl who died when she was one year old wearing a white dress to “receive for the first time” the believers who came to ask for protection, but also health for children and who say it is miraculous.


In the same way a mass was held “for the lost or forgotten souls”, which are the bodies that have not been claimed and that are found in mass graves that are unearthed for this day and that people fill them with flowers, candles and coca.

Each skull bears a name, which is not necessarily the one it had in life, but many “dream” or give them a name that they see as convenient.

Several are looking for “Cirilo”, a skull that they say helps people find work or there are others like “Miguel” who helps solve police cases, others like “Daniel” who collaborates with believers who seek justice.

The father who officiated the mass asked people to pray for the forgotten souls so that they “rest” in peace and asked that good be done with the skulls.

The festivities continued with music for the skulls, flowers and plates of food to share with the devotees.

This day is the only day on which devotees can go to the cemetery with their human skulls, since on another occasion they can be accused of grave desecration.

With the day of “birth” The celebrations for the deceased that began by honoring the souls that, according to belief, return to earth on November 1 to visit their relatives, are ending in the country.

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