A judge on Thursday ordered the preventive detention of seven university leaders for the death of a group of students who fell almost 17 meters after the collapse of a railing last Tuesday at a university in Bolivia.

The judicial decision of preventive detention applies to the defendants Pablo ACP, Wilson Q.CH., Vladimir PA, Rosa MMG, Fanny MV.C., Nayeli V.CH.T. and Juan CYCL, all leaders of the Public University of El Alto (Upea), says a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office.

The opinion also mentions that the accused must be in prison “For four months” in La Paz prisons while investigations are being completed.

During the hearing, which took place around 2:00 p.m. local time (6:00 p.m. GMT) and lasted more than eight hours, it was established that the defendants “They are probably perpetrators of the crime of wrongful death and wrongful injury” of the eleven students who fell from a fourth floor of a pavilion of the Faculty of Economic, Financial and Administrative Sciences of the university ”.

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The probability of authorship of the accused centers on the convocation by the leaders of the Student Center of the different careers of the Area of ​​Economics, Finance to an extraordinary face-to-face student Assembly, ”says the Prosecutor’s Office in relation to the tragedy that left seven dead and four injured.

In addition, during the hearing, risks were established such as the “danger of flight and obstruction” of the accused, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The investigation indicates that the student leaders did not respect the norms that prohibit crowds due to the covid-19 pandemic and that they knew about “struggles” between two fronts and that they still called the meeting in which “they put their lives in danger of the university students ”.

The judicial assessment was based on witness statements, forensic and police reports in addition to the report made by the university, prosecutors said, cited in the statement.

The cause of death of the seven students was due to “multiple traumas” in different parts of the body given the height of the fall, according to the forensic assessment at the time of the lifting of the bodies. The event last Tuesday, March 2, caused a national commotion for the harshness of the images that recorded the moment in which the railing collapsed and fell from eleven university students to almost seventeen.

The tragedy provoked separate statements of solidarity from educational entities and national authorities together with requests for justice and intervention from the student center and the Local University Federation (FUL) as it was considered that threats were used to summon more than 500 university students last Tuesday. to that meeting.

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