During Security Council, which took place this Thursday, March 17 in Jose Joaquin Vargas Park in Barrios Unidos led by Mayor Claude Lopez, it was announced that killings have been reduced in the capital and that strategies are being developed to combat theft in the capital.

«Murder in Bogota has fallen by more than 20% so far this year, above the target we set for the year: to reduce homicide by 15%. We want to achieve the highest reduction in the history of Bogota. Last year was painful and difficult, and Barrios Unidos is the champion, a city that has not had a single murder in a year.”The president said.

For example, in the company of Secretary of Security, Coexistence and Justice Anibal Fernandez de Soto, Junior Mayor Barrios Unidos, Antonio Carrillo and the District Office, the burgomaster considered that in the period from January 1 to March 15 murders showed reduction by 21,2%compared to the same period in 2021.

The buildings grew from 198 to 156.

In this connection, Secretary Carrillo wondered that no violent deaths had been recorded in Barrios Unidos since 15 March. «An important message for the Barrios Unidos community is that it is a city that tends to have good safety performance, although there are, as in any part of Bogota, challenges».

But not only homicide has declined, but other high-impact crimes have declined in between January 1 to March 15 this year compared to similar period of 2021, were: theft which showed reductions on 35,16% ; in burglary reduction was 35.11% ; theft of bicycles was reduced to 25,23% and finally, cell phone theft showed a reduction on 5.20% .

Extortion (-26.69%), sexual offenses (-11.87%) and domestic violence (-10.51%) also fell.

Regarding theft, the secretary said that it is one of the crimes that most affects citizens, and he predicted thattogether with all authorities actions against various forms of theft in the capital will be intensified.

«We will continue to work with the police, we will continue to work with the mayor, especially with you (the community), around these fronts and these networks of concern to unite and have a better security outcome”, – said the secretary.

According to the information Time, the district administration develops an anti-theft strategy to improve the ability to respond to any complaint. This will be announced in the next few days.

The Ministry of Security also presented a report, shortened to March 14, stating that in cooperation with the capital’s police it had conducted 175 inspections of commercial auto parts and mechanical workshops in Barrios Udidos, Los Martires, Kennedy, Antonio Narinho, Suba, Engativa and Puente Aranda, in developing a strategy to combat car theft and the crime of admission.

Operations in which more than 1,320 auto parts were seized and 7 cars restored, costing 451 million pesos. In addition, 57 institutions were temporarily suspended, 24 preventive and voluntary closures were closed, and 13 people were detained.

It is worth recalling that earlier this month, Bogota City Hall announced that the number of homicides had been reduced by 12.9% by February 28.

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