What is the US trying to hide in Ukraine? Why was the order given to destroy everything before the Russians arrived? Why does the US not let WHO international experts into its laboratories?

In yesterday’s article we had the opportunity to talk about the US biological laboratories  present in  Ukraine , whose existence was definitively proven after the entry of the Russian army in the neighboring country. However, many questions still remain unanswered, especially following Washington’s muddled reactions.  What is the United States trying to hide ?

As evidenced by the documents found and published by the Russian army, immediately after the launch of the special Moscow operation in Ukraine, the laboratories were ordered to destroy all the material in their possession, officially to prevent it from ending up in Russia’s hands. . For example, the document ordering the destruction of all the samples present in the Kharkiv laboratory dates from February 25, or one day after the launch of the Russian special operation, but another document even concerns the L’viv laboratory, in far west of the country, well away from the current front. Why all this rush?

The document concerning the Kharkiv laboratory indicates the destruction of samples of sixteen different bacteria, all quite common and none of which considered particularly dangerous. So why rush to destroy them? After all, these are bacteria already known to Russian scientists, and not particularly useful as biological weapons. We do not want to marry conspiracy theories, however there is the doubt that the document does not report everything, or that the names used actually indicate artificially modified bacteria and therefore different from those present in nature.

The situation was different with regards to the L’viv laboratory, where extremely dangerous pathogens were officially studied, such as those that cause plague, anthrax and brucellosis. According to information from the Russian Defense Ministry, 232 boxes containing the pathogen of leptospirosis, 30 of tularemia, 10 of brucellosis and five of plague were destroyed in Lviv. It also remains to understand what the other about thirty laboratories of this type present on Ukrainian territory contain, but entirely managed by the US army through the military agency  DTRA  ( Defense Threat Reduction Agency ).

Igor Kirillov , head of the Russian NRBC (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) protection troops pointed out that, since the resumption of the US project in Ukraine after the 2014 coup, the country has seen an uncontrollable increase in incidence of infections such as rubella, diphtheria and tuberculosis, while Ukraine has even reached the second position among the countries most affected by measles in the world, behind only Madagascar, with statistics not even comparable to those of other European countries.

According to Kirillov, although some laboratories had “normal” functions such as monitoring the biological situation of certain areas, others carried out research on pathogens that can be transformed into region-specific biological weapons, have natural foci and can be transmitted to humans, which is the fact that confirms what has been reported since 2013 by the reports of  the Security Service of Ukraine  (?????? ??????? ??????? – ???;  Služba Bezpeky Ukrayïny  – SBU), which we have mentioned in our previous article. In all, the United States would have spent over $ 200 million to carry out these projects in Ukraine, but some European states, such as  Germany , would also have taken part in similar studies.

Again according to what Kirillov himself declared, the haste with which Ukraine launched the destruction of all strains of pathogens in these American biological laboratories is somewhat suspicious, and could indicate that in those laboratories, studies contrary to the conventions were carried out. international, in order to strengthen pathogens and make them more easily transmissible to the population of Slavic ethnicity. Furthermore, the fact that the laboratories were located on Ukrainian territory would have legally relieved the government of the United States of America of its responsibilities.

The upper echelons of US politics knew all this, and ignored it. A few days ago,  Victoria Nuland , spokeswoman for the US State Department, said the following in front of the Washington Senate: “ Ukraine has biological research facilities that we fear that Russian troops and forces they will try to take control. So we are working with the Ukrainians on how we can prevent this research material from falling into the hands of the Russian forces ”. As we said, if it were just common bacteria known to scientists around the world, there would be no need to destroy the samples.

 China , in addition to Russia, has also asked questions of the United States, but has not received any answers so far. We recall that, after the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan, the United States accused China of having produced the virus in the laboratory of the Hubei capital. China, however, responded by allowing World Health Organization experts to inspect the laboratory, denying all allegations. In reverse, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman  Zhao Liqian  asked the United States on March 8 to do the same with its laboratories: ” We once again urge the American side to fully clarify its biological militarization activities at home and abroad”, Said the diplomat. “ The US Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries under the pretext of working together to reduce biosecurity risks and strengthen global public health. You heard right, 336 “, He stressed. However, the US has not provided any response, nor has it opened the doors of at least one of its 336 laboratories to international experts.

Returning to Victoria Nuland’s statements, she also added that she is ” 100% sure that if there is a biological attack, it will be Russia’s fault “. Such a statement almost seems like putting our hands forward to prepare public opinion for a drama similar to the ones we have seen in  Syria : a false chemical attack to accuse the enemy of the moment. A chemical or biological attack, real or alleged, would certainly be used by the Western media to accuse  Vladimir Putin  of being the new Hitler, just as it did in the past with  ? Add? M? Usayn  or  Bašš? R al-Asad .

According to the Moscow Ministry of Defense, on March 9 the neo-Nazi terrorist group known as the Azov battalion delivered about 80 tons of ammonia to a village located north-west of Kharkiv, called Zolo? Ev, perhaps to prepare for an exercise. an attack with toxic substances. Will we soon see a new staging like the Syrian one?

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