They banned Maxi from Big Brother (Video: TikTok)

The public decided that Maxi Judgesparticipant of Big brother and which will generate a strong bond with Juliana, leave the house. From that moment, abroad, both the channels that had invited him and different brands trusted his image, so he is in a great personal and professional present. However, what happened last weekend with the Cordovan was a bitter pill that he didn’t hesitate to express in his networks.

“I had 1,600 followers on Instagram and now over 300,000. It’s a dream, if even the music group I love follows me, writes to me,” he said, still amazed. a few days ago in statements on the show One by onefrom the Chanel Republic Z. “Inside, I fulfilled what I had to do: I knew this place was a portal for beautiful things to open, but I didn’t imagine it that way. There’s no one on the street stopping to say hello, cars stopping. I take full advantage of it and it takes me to an age where I have my feet on the ground”.

Regarding his love life, he said that “he had been dating for four years, then married for two years, but he had been single for two years”, only to later admit that he “didn’t want to know anything” about the start of a link. with a colleague Big brother. Although what happened with Juliana, he argues, was almost love at first sight. “With her, it was the connection to the touch. Fortunately outside, we are in the same situation and we are improving,” he described. “We started thinking about the date of the first kiss and it made us feel like it was 15 days later.”

Big Brother Maxi in Biri Biri

The dream of fame had come true, and invitations to events, in addition to different actions, kept him in a busy schedule, however, there was one earring for which he had an immeasurable illusion that stood out. is quickly deflated, as he himself explained in a video he uploaded to TikTok on Sunday.

Donning a River shirt, he spoke directly to the camera: “Good morning my beautiful people, I tell you that we are a little sad here, a little bitter, to say the least, because since the production of GH They forbade me to attend the court invitation, transmission booth, which was going to be a dream for me. I don’t know the court, I was going to meet Lion Pumiceimagine the illusion I had, it was in the air”.

This is how the former participant in the home he shares with Juliana began his story, with a visibly annoying tone of voice and presence. “I was happy, and a few hours before they called me saying that I couldn’t attend due to contract issues. The truth is that I’m fighting because I don’t quite understand what point it can change them if I participate in this or not, but that’s life,” Maxi continued, referring to the exclusive contract he signed with the producer before entering the most famous house. from the country.

After announcing the reasons that prevented him from attending, he continued: “We signed this with enthusiasm to enter the program and now we have to bank it. I don’t understand why, but what do I know? I hope another opportunity will arise to be able to visit the Monumental as soon as possible and meet Leo Ponzio, I was going to meet Leo Ponzio if God wanted and helped me. There were a lot of chances, because I spoke with him, so hey, I wanted to share this with you, someone out there has an idea. What a broncon We are also going to take advantage of Sunday, we are going to add some attitude, change the atmosphere so that the good things continue to happen. Let’s get the bad vibes, the anger out. Good Sunday”.

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