BBC apologizes after controversial banner insulting Manchester United

BBC apologizes after controversial banner insulting Manchester United

Msday May 24, around 9.30 am, BBC viewers had to try twice to realize what they had just read. The British public channel then broadcast a report on Roland Garros, but it was on the side of the information scrolling on a banner at the bottom of the image that the problem arose. As explained by Huffpost, two funny messages slipped into the middle of the news: “Weather: it’s raining everywhere” and, above all, “Manchester United sucks”.

Errrr… what is going on with the BBC News ticker?

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) May 24, 2022

While some spectators expressed their astonishment, their amusement or their anger on social networks, the BBC issued these apologies a few hours later through presenter Annita Mcveigh. “Some of you may have noticed something unusual,” she explains. Behind the scenes, someone was trying to learn how to use the blindfold and wrote a practice text. They wrote random things, not seriously, and this comment popped up.

“The information is accurate and correct”

The apologies are addressed in particular to Manchester United supporters who, moreover, have just experienced the end of an unexciting season. “I hope the Manchester United fans were not injured, assures the presenter.

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