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Baskonia-Joventut: Ivanovic wants to repeat in the Cup

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Baskonia made a survey minutes before the draw and the fans preferred Joventut to the rest of rivals. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. In the Cup, La Penya usually increases benefits and its squad is the most compensated in years. Baskonia has not lifted this title for 11 years (Madrid 2009), but the last time they did it was in Madrid and with Ivanovic on the bench.

TD Systems Baskonia

Al Baskonia, with Dusko Ivanovic on the bench, you always have to put him in all the pools. The Montenegrin has given back the Baskonia character to a team that gave the bell in the final phase of Valencia, but that in the Cup he will be somewhat more misplaced without his fans, which usually fill the stands, wherever the tournament is.

The best of TD Systems Baskonia

A team with a heart and that, for now, he has not missed Tornike Shengelia very much, the one who has best embodied that Baskonia character in recent times. Rokas Giedraitis is one of the best forwards in Europe, Achille Polonara has taken a step to the forehey Alec Peters is gradually finding himself more comfortable. A Baskonia with the most distributed roles and in which each one has their moment.

The worst of TD Systems Baskonia

Raieste, Kurucs and Sedekerskis have risen to the first team, but they have little prominence, the same as Ilimane Diop. Thus, Ivanovic has a short squad in which some players accumulate many minutes. Sometimes you miss a franchise player who puts the team on his back.

Youth of Badalona

La Penya presents the most compensated squad in recent years, in which he had bet on a shooter (first Laprovittola and then Prepelic), who dominated the game a lot. Xabi López-Arostegui It is the new pearl of a quarry from which Pau Ribas came out, one of the most notorious returns of the summer. The plus in the inner game has been put by another former blue, Against Tomic, who is performing at a great level.

The best of Joventut de Badalona

Against Tomic and Vladimir Brodziansky they are a good pair in the inside game. Xabi López-Arostegui has emerged as the offensive leader in the outside game (12.8 points and 42.3% in triples) along with another Spaniard, Ferran Bassas. A more choral team and less dependent on a single player.

The worst of Joventut de Badalona

Joventut started the season very well, but now show lights and shadows (five defeats in the last six games of the Endesa League). A young staff, who sometimes pays for their inexperience. Shawn Dawson’s still on half gas after living a real nightmare with injuries.

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