Barry Keoghan and Paul Mescal are about to shine together in the ‘Gladiator’ sequel. (Reuters)

Since the Oscars 2023, the name of Barry Keoghan resonates in all corners of the industry due to his leading role alongside Colin Farrell in one of the films presented at the 2023 Oscars (with nine nominations), the spirits of the island. Although the film did not take any statuettes, its actors gained recognition, leading them to be more visible to top directors and producers.

In this regard, according to sources The Hollywood Reporter, Keoghan is in talks to join the main cast of Gladiator 2, with the aforementioned protagonist Paul Mescal (After Sun).

Russell Crowe as Maximus in "Gladiator".  (Universal Images)
Russell Crowe as Maximus in “Gladiator”. (Universal Images)

Ridley Scott is back in the game with the sequel to his landmark tale from 2000, starring Russell Crowe as Maximus, a former general forced to become a gladiator. The classic action-adventure drama won the Best Picture Oscar that same year, and Crowe won the Best Actor gold statuette.

Months ago, it was known that Mescal would star in the new film, stepping into the shoes of Commodus’ (Joaquin Phoenix) nephew and Lucilla’s (Connie Nielsen) son, Lucius. Now, as with Keoghan, if a deal is struck, the 30-year-old Dubliner will play a character called Emperor Geta (he was an actual Roman emperor, although the sequel’s story isn’t based on actual events).

Ridley Scott is the British filmmaker in charge of "Gladiator" (2000), now also director of "gladiator 2".  (EFE)
Ridley Scott is the British filmmaker in charge of “Gladiator” (2000), now also director of “Gladiator 2”. (EFE)

gladiator 2 It’s a project that has been in development for years and will eventually be realized throughout 2023. Regarding the plot, there are still many details under lock and key, it hasn’t even been clarified if it’s will act as a prequel or standalone story. . Likewise, the cast to complete the cast is still being worked on.

About the original movie

Gladiator It takes place in ancient Rome and tells that in the year 180, the Roman Empire ruled the whole world. After a great victory over the northern barbarians, the aging Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) decides to transfer power to Maximus, a brave general in his armies and a man of unwavering loyalty to the empire. But his son Commodus, who aspired to the throne, does not accept him and tries at all costs to assassinate him.

Paul Mescal, one of the confirmed protagonists of "gladiator 2".  (Reuters)
Paul Mescal, one of the confirmed protagonists of “Gladiator 2”. (Reuters)

Even if Gladiator was a co-production with Universal Pictures, Paramount is also behind the new project. So far, it is known that the release date is scheduled for November 22, 2024. Meanwhile, the original movie is available on Netflix.

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