Attack on a policewoman in Berazategui: a young man with a criminal record was arrested

Attack on a policewoman in Berazategui: a young man with a criminal record was arrested

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In the last hours, police officers detained a young man with a criminal record, accused of being one of the “motochorros” who shot and stole the regulation weapon from a second lieutenant of the Buenos Aires force. The woman lost an eye as a result of the shots during the assault on the Berazategui match.

The apprehended was identified by the Justice as Alejandro Leonel León and will be investigated today by prosecutor Daniel Ichazo, head of the decentralized Functional Instruction Unit 1 of Berazategui, after being charged by the crimes of “aggravated robbery and attempted murder” to the detriment of Melisa Giselle Rossi Galarza, who yesterday afternoon continued to be admitted out of danger at the Fitz Roy Integral Medical Center in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

According to judicial spokesmen Telam, the experts who acted at the crime scene reviewed the victim’s Ford Fiesta car and obtained two fingerprints that the Automated Fingerprint Identification System managed to identify as belonging to the accused, since he had a record of aggravated robbery and illegal possession of a weapon of war.

In turn, a week ago, two other suspects were arrested for the incident. One of them was identified as Franco Nicolás “Nuerca” Schteingara and the other was asked for his personal documentation but was later released. Schteingara was investigated by prosecutor Ichazo and later also ended up released, as he was not singled out in a recognition round.

The crime in question occurred last Thursday at the corner of 128 and 4A streets in the Buenos Aires town of Berazategui Oeste, where agents attended the scene after a call to 911 that alerted about firearm shots. They later found that Rossi Galarza had been shot.

Rossi Galarza had just finished his service in the Patrol Command of that jurisdiction and when he was going home he stopped at a kiosk to make some purchases. While waiting, dressed in the police uniform, she was surprised from behind by an armed criminal who got off a motorcycle driven by an accomplice.

At that moment, the assailant took the Bersa Mini Thunder 9mm caliber regulation weapon from him and fired two shots that hit him in one of his eyes and at waist height, on the right side. Finally, when the thief fled, he retraced his steps and fired another shot at the second lieutenant, hitting her left hand.

Days ago the Police arrested two suspects, hours later released

Days ago the Police arrested two suspects, hours later released 

After that, the “motochorros” escaped aboard the vehicle with the police pistol, who a few minutes later was transferred to the High Complexity Hospital El Cruce of the neighboring district of Florencia Varela where she was admitted before being referred to the medical center of neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

A few days before a similar event happened in the Buenos Aires town of Laferrere in the party of The slaughter, when an officer of the City Police was killed in a confrontation with two thieves who wanted to assault him.

The episode occurred, when Marino Nicolás Romero, 27, was at the bus stop at the intersection of the Oliveri and Da Vinci streets on his way to his job as part of the Department of Neighborhood Protection of Villa 31 of the Buenos Aires force.

There, armed criminals surprised him and tried to rob him, and the officer reacted with shots. The robbers, one of whom fell dead at the scene and the other managed to escape, also fired at the agent, who received two bullet wounds in the neck and abdomen for which he had to be rushed to the Simply Evita hospital. He passed away a few hours later.

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