Bogotá, April 16. At least five people died and 14 others were injured by lightning in a rural area of ​​the Colombian municipality of El Tambo, in the convulsed department of Cauca (southwest), local authorities reported on Sunday.

The mayor of El Tambo regretted what happened in the municipality of Quilcacé and said that among the dead there is a minor.

“We thank the firefighters of the city of Popayán (departmental capital of Cauca) and the municipality of El Tambo for their collaboration in such a difficult moment”, added the municipal administration, which sent its “condolences, its support and its solidarity with the families affected”. .” .

El Tambo Mayor Carlos Vela told local media that lightning struck as some of the victims were gathering in a bingo hall and the others were playing football when there was an electric shock. ECE


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