Heavy monsoon rains in Bangladesh and India have killed at least 41 people and led to flooding that has left millions in dire straits, authorities said on Saturday. Floods regularly threaten millions of people in low-lying Bangladesh. But, according to experts, climate change is increasing their frequency, severity and suddenness. Most of the northeast of the country is under water and troops have been deployed to evacuate residents who find themselves isolated.

A family had no food for two days

Schools have been turned into emergency shelters to accommodate residents of villages that were flooded within hours following heavy flooding. “The whole village was under water on Friday morning and we all got stuck,” said Lokman, whose family lives in the village of Companyganj. “After waiting all day on the roof of our house, a neighbor rescued us with a makeshift boat. My mother said she had never seen such flooding in her entire life,” the youngster added. 23 year old man.

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