At home, Cantolao beat Cienciano 1-0

At home, Cantolao beat Cienciano 1-0

Cantolao celebrated at the Ivan Elías Moreno stadium for the 8 date of the tournament. The local scored the game’s only goal 25 minutes into the first half, through Gabriel Leyes. After receiving an assist from Mario Tajima, the striker finished the goal from half distance and beat the rival keeper to score a superb goal.

Cienciano midfielder Kevin Sandoval missed the chance to open the scoring and take the lead when he missed a penalty in the 6th minute of the first half.

The figure of the meeting was Gabriel Leyes. The Cantolao striker scored 1 goal and 4 times on target against Cienciano.

Another of the key footballers at the Ivan Elías Moreno stadium was Christian Limousin. The Cantolao goalkeeper performed well against Cienciano as he saved 6 shots.

It was a game full of offense, with a heavy dose of rough play and lots of interruptions. There were a large number of warnings: Hansell Riojas, Rafael Guarderas, Sebastián Lojas, Gabriel Leyes, Ayrthon Quintana, Josimar Vargas, Hebert Vergara, Mario Tajima, Miguel Vargas, Luis Ramírez, Christian Sánchez and Rodrigo Rodriguez. José Leguizamón was sent off for a direct red card in the 81st minute of the second half.

Cantolao manager Matías Rosa set up a 4-3-3 formation on the pitch with Christian Limousin in goal; Sebastián Lojas, Facundo Moreira, Francisco Duclós and Alonso Tamariz on the defensive line; Diego Ramírez, Josimar Vargas and Rafael Guarderas in the middle; and Hebert Vergara, Gabriel Leyes and Mario Tajima in attack.

For their part, those led by Leonel Álvarez crashed with a 4-5-1 strategy with Miguel Vargas under the three sticks; Franco Medina, Carlos Beltrán, Hansell Riojas and Ayrthon Quintana in defence; Gianlucca Fatecha, Gonzalo Gonzalez, Kevin Sandoval, Shariff Ramirez and Juan Bautista Romagnoli in midfield; and Carlos Garcés in front.

The appointed referee for the match was Julio Quiroz.

Cantolao will travel to Alianza Atlético the next day, while Cienciano will host Unión Comercio at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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