ASF Detected Duplicate Deposits, Deaths, and “Walking Payments” in AMLO Social Programs

ASF Detected Duplicate Deposits, Deaths, and “Walking Payments” in AMLO Social Programs

The report of the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) questioned the work of the dependencies of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) (Photo: GlobeLiveMedia México)

The presentation of the third part of the Executive General Report Since Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), corresponding to the Public Account 2021in the Chamber of Deputies and its publication on the official website of the agency in charge brought different government agencies of the presidential administration to the public eye Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

During a ceremony held at the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, Pablo AnguloChairman of the ASF Supervisory Board, expressed his commitment to respond to the 3 thousand actions and recommendations indicated for the year in question. For his part, the auditor, who was present virtually, said that the work of the Audit is to improve the federal public administration and to detect possible cases of corruption, then to act accordingly in accordance with the framework. Mexican legal.

This is why, after consulting the report, a series of irregularities reported by the ASF in relation to the social programs of the government of Fourth transformation (4T), which deal with alleged cases of lack of documentation, duplicate payments, payments to beneficiaries after your death and a broad etcetera that the federal government must clarify within 20 days.

General Executive Report of the Superior Court of Auditors of the Federation (ASF) (Photo: Courtesy / ASF)
General Executive Report of the Superior Court of Auditors of the Federation (ASF) (Photo: Courtesy / ASF)

The observations of ASF in the social programs They can be found in Section D. Summary of Audit Findings: Financial Compliance. In this regard, it is emphasized that the social attitude of the AMLO government is the hallmark of the policies of this administration. In addition, the president promised from his campaign the end of the Corruption in the upper echelons of political power; however, the audit presented other data in the report.

At the end of the audit, the ASF noted a lack of supporting documents in support of the payments made by 91.7 million pesos to various civil associations. The same goes for the 263 payment orders of Banco del Bienestar which support the support granted for 700,000 pesos to the beneficiaries of the program in Chiapas and Oaxaca; Similarly, shortcomings were noted in the operation of the program due to the duplication of payment to 3 thousand 351 beneficiarieswhich in sum, give 35.6 million pesos.

According to the ASF, payments of 48.7 million pesos have been made to 13,730 beneficiaries after your date of death. Resources of 5.6 million were granted to 347 people whose names on the list of beneficiaries do not correspond to the information verified with RENAPO. Payments have been made for 3.2 million to 2 thousand 385 people by concept of “Go Pay” (portable).

David Colmenares presented his report to the Chamber of Deputies virtually

In addition, they detected payments for 2 million to 105 people whose age was below 65, duplicate payments of one million pesos were made to 273 people who had 2 identical identification numbers, as well as 100,000 to 11 people who had registered the same identification number. In addition, overpayments were made for 11.8 million to Telecomunicaciones de México (TELECOMM) and the provision of support distribution services to beneficiaries of the program by 3.7 million paid to TELECOMM and one million to Banco del Bienestar.

A lack of documentation was detected proving the provision of financial support to 451 beneficiaries For 8000000 of pesos, which would have been delivered in liquid in a “closed channel”. No control mechanism has been established that would provide documentation proving that program beneficiaries met the eligibility criteria and requirements. Control mechanisms have not been put in place for program beneficiaries to verify the application of the additional financial support they have received.

The procedure or methodology used to define the goods and services needed to provide in-kind assistance has not been accredited. Have been executed payments of 400,000 pesos for plant transportation services, not to mention the format with which the provision of this service is accredited. The recording of all the goods delivered to the beneficiaries in the computer tool of the Undersecretariat for Productive Inclusion and Rural Development is not updated.

Multiple irregularities have been detected in government social programs (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Multiple irregularities have been detected in government social programs (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The receipt of items at migrant integration centers for 600,000 pesos has not been documented. It has not been proven that 181 recipients had a valid CURP, nor the coverage of a person who presented a leave of absence due to death, according to information from RENAPO; both for an amount of 800 thousand pesos.

18 cases of beneficiaries whose keys were flagged with the status “Lowered by Apocryphal Document” were determined, 16 keys were not located and 14 keys were flagged with the status “Lowered without Use”, following validation carried out by the CURP before the RENAPO. Grants were awarded to 1,459 beneficiary producers to 8.3 million pesos died between 2015 and 2021.

The National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Livestock Research, in charge of Technical Support activities, outsourcing 75.3% of the amount of the collaboration agreement, 26.3% more than what is authorized, i.e. up to 49%.

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