Again, Félix Salgado Macedonio, I would no longer be the candidate of Brunette by governor of the state of Guerrero, after the Supervision Commission of the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) resolved to withdraw him from the contest.

This March 24, the electoral body of Mexico indicated that the 64-year-old politician did not submit their pre-campaign expense reports, which is why he could be removed from the race, however, this Thursday the final decision will be voted on at the General Council session.

According to journalists Enrique Hernández Alcázar and Alfredo González, the resolution on the controversial candidacy of “El Toro” was adopted tonight.

“The @INE Oversight Commission approved the withdrawal of # FélixSalgadoMacedonio’s candidacy for the governorship of Guerrero for not delivering his pre-campaign expense reports. This resolution will be voted on tomorrow at the General Council session, ”said Hernández Alcázar.

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

In accordance with Millennium, the vote that was done in private, had three votes in favor and two against to withdraw the registration Salgado Macedonio, accused of sexual harassment and abuse, without correcting the omissions for which the bench had already been sanctioned by the General Council.

The counselors who they cast their vote in favor They were: Carla Humphrey, Ciro Murayama and Jaime Rivera. Who voted against They were: The president of the Audit Commission, Adriana Favela and the counselor Uuc-kib.

The media pointed out that Salgado Macedonio’s candidacy would not be the only one to remain without registration, since candidates for a federal deputation are also in the sights of the councilors.

In the case of the Morena supporter, he would not have presented the income and contributions of the bench or the propaganda expenses of the candidates.

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