Another attack by a rottweiler: a baby remains hospitalized in serious condition in Salta

Another attack by a rottweiler: a baby remains hospitalized in serious condition in Salta

In Salta, a one-and-a-half-year-old baby was attacked by her uncle’s dog, of the Rottweiler breed, and is hospitalized in serious condition
A one-and-a-half-year-old baby underwent surgery and is in a delicate state after being attacked by her uncle’s dog, of the Rottweiler breed, in the town of Rosario de la Frontera, in the south of Salta.

From the Public Ministry of Salta they reported that The incident occurred on Tuesday, in a house in the San Antonio neighborhood, in the town of Rosario de la Frontera. located 185 kilometers south of the provincial capital, when a rottweiler breed dog attacked the minor, grabbing her neck and shoulder.

In those circumstances, The mother of the little girl, one year and five months old, intervened to help her, and the complaint states that the dog would be vaccinatedas stated by its owner and uncle of the victim.

Faced with what happened and as reported Telam, criminal prosecutor 4, Oscar López Ibarra, intervened in the case immediately ordered the first pertinent measures and the fact was classified as serious negligent injuries.

While, The little girl was transferred in code red to the Maternal and Child Public Hospital, in the city of Salta, where she underwent surgery and was hospitalized and according to what was stated by his mother, he is progressing favorably and is conscious.

The last report provided by police personnel and issued by an HPMI medical professional, the minor He was in intensive care and his diagnosis is “stable, with surgical reconstruction suture at the cervical level, intubated and with postoperative control”.

Four days ago and in a similar event but with tragic consequences, A 2-year-old baby died after suffering multiple bites from a pit bull owned by his family in a home in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The incident occurred in a address located on Nicaragua street at 500in the Mariano Moreno neighborhood, where the provincial emergency service (SAME) first arrived, which confirmed the death of the child and alerted the 30th sectional police station.

And according to the story of the child’s relatives, the troops established that the animal entered the building from the rear patio and began to bite the minor when the mother was absent from the house causing “serious injuries to the head and other parts of the body,” according to the sources consulted.

Seeing what was happening, The boy’s two little brothers, 10-year-old twins, tried to defend him by throwing water at the dog, with which they managed to get him to return to the back of the house and immediately went out to ask for help from neighbors, who were the ones who called the emergency service.

Faced with the fatal outcome, members of the prosecutor’s office on duty and criminal staff arrived at the scene to carry out the rigorous tasks, while the SAME doctors advanced in providing containment to the minor’s brothers and mother.

While, Canes personnel from the local Police, with fiscal authorization, transferred the pitbull to a zoonosis center of the Municipality, where they found that the dog was “altered and aggressive”.

Later, the Fire Department of this city transferred the remains of the child to the judicial morgue by fiscal provision, while the local Contravencional Department began with the informative tasks, because the animal was property of the family of the deceased.

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