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Anita Matamoros wanted to enjoy the weekend with her sister-in-law, Marina, and the truth is that she has done it in style by attending a concert that Dani Fernández has given in the capital. The two declare themselves very fans of him and how could it be otherwise, they did not want to miss this show where, we are sure, they have enjoyed it as if they were two little girls.Inevitable not to ask Anita Matamoros about everything her father, Kiko Matamoros, said on the set of Save Me, to which she did not want to make any statement. On how her mother is, the influencer has preferred to remain silent and not reveal the state of Makoke, who has been publicly said that she is devastated after the statements of her ex-partner.

What Anita has wanted to make clear is that she fully supports her sister, Laura Matamoros, with whom she has an exquisite relationship. And it is that the daughter of Matamoros publicly acknowledged a few days ago that she suffered from glaucoma: “Of course I support her, but I give the messages to her.” In this way, the influencer has wanted to ignore all the controversy that her father has aroused and has not wanted to go into what she thought about those strong statements that Matamoros gave a week ago.


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